Paint eggs in an original way to Easter: painted eggs Paint eggs

original way to Easter: Easter eggs Marble Easter Soon, so we will paint eggs, I want them to be beautiful and original And most importantly method of painting for centuries, proven, environmentally friendly and safe Paint colors that sell in the store is quite dangerous, especially for children STEP No. 1 is to Dip the […]

Syndrome “frog in boiling water”: a vicious cycle that…

Syndrome “frog in boiling water”: a vicious cycle that drains us Keep your eyes open Fable Olivier Clerk about the “frog in boiling water” is based on a real physical experiment: “If the speed of the heating water temperature is no more than 0.02 ºC per minute, the frog continues to sit in the pot […]

I think you write to the address,still the most part… I Think

write to the address,still most of here married or have significant others, the Question is, how can you diversify your personal life with your husband?Recently married,the sex, everything is fine( no complex and everyone is happy),but sex turned into some quick mating for 15-20 min don’t need to laugh at this, my husband and 2 […]

Girl, died two months ago… very close

Girl, died two months ago, a very close relative, the relationships we have formed are not very, very evil-natured man was, but despite that loved me from childhood, as the daughter, swearing with the whole family, not unbearable it was to live under the same roof, and after his death became often dream that I, […]

Hey ladies, help someone to advise me…

Hey ladies, help me who will advise the Council Some time ago, I happened to notice that my heel is bleeding I didn’t feel any pain when walking, no itching nothing Saw, that seemingly wound like that, as though I were a nail came (convex, pale pinkish) Came to the surgeon, he looked, asked if […]

Girls,the problem is this,my husband no sex life, or rather…

Girls,the problem is this,my husband no sex life, rather it is but once in two months and this is the best And then advance obgovarivali Yes it’s a tin the fact that the husband was never very temperamental, 20 years, 30 But in his youth (as we call the age of 20-25) wanted and often […]


The study of populations living in the territory of the Altai Republic, the peculiarities of the relief and geographical location  are formed by the complex environmental and climatic conditions for the multinational population. The main part of which are representatives of the Russian and Altai ethnic groups. The continentality and the high degree of climate discomfort determine the complexity of its effects on the  body and impose increased requirements on the adaptation of the indigenous and migrant populations.

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