My first post

not nervous… not balanced nervous hysteric, part 2 Well, I have to tell those Who have read my 1st post, he will understand the history of this is Hard to write all this, on the wrong side if the soul turn out the Husband arrived the night before I Dr my children to sleep He said nothing, did not apologize for last time correspondence with Katya, acting like nothing happened In the day of my birth, woke up with the kids and started to fuss, wash, dress , Breakfast With the money since the crisis,did not go to the salon I, myself have cut bangs, made masks, painted nails, created the mood for the holiday delayed I SN 1 t a holiday, began to collect themselves and their children to the Park, the carousel ride, to buy a cake,in a game reduced to this was not any normal day as other days, Then the husband woke up, congratulated wishes Gathered with us the Entire day walking, came home to eat and then to walk in the evening the husband went to work after 2days came by Chance, when he sent the pictures to my sister VK, I saw another, this is after my Dr where he is, the situation is not a salon, not a machine, and square It with a naked torso, with a beautiful girl On my words show me a photo , tell me who it is,as this photo appeared, under any circumstances, let the bodies she looks He said-no way, you don’t understand😐I called him, Yes, and who is he then? Married man fotkat semi-exposed with someone I started to get dressed, threw things children said to dress Said that time does not like me, nor my children’s children, so do not go with your favorite For saying that I got the flow right, left, hit, fell, but got up Said that I haven’t had enough, and flew to the left, His strength was enough for me not to get up Went to the children , yelled at them that if someone dress up get to quickly all undressed At this point, I wanted to take the bodies, he took it and Began yelling, shaking, wringing his hands In General, I could only defend themselves with words Well you wanted to leave, sit down and get talking, tell porevo, but at least not spoiling the children mentality I for children obicnom of you will say someone that I am guilty, MB and I, but God is my judge And who tried to convince me that Kate is in charge of ordering gifts, decorations😏Yes, Yes, she massage my husband does For medical reasons he is massage contraindicated something like that Well at least not in the Dr all this happened🤣 That gave? The answer is – nothing

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