Beauty will save the world Trends require…

Beauty will save the world Trends require us natural Here the main time to be aware of, because until recently we loved Kim Kardashian and sculpturing, but now no, sorry, Kim Be a natural, says beauty-fashion blogger from YouTube, the name of which is anyway useless to remember because it was coming soon beauty blogger fashionable Makeup every day should be easy, simple and unobtrusive, says beauty blogger Nude naked face Effect of This makeup is perfect for work it is possible to make quickly in the morning To start apply on the face moisturizing cream, let soak in, then moisturizer, which will moisturize moisturizer and another moisturizer because moisture is not Generally a lot beauty-blogger features a special vocabulary of “moisture”, “healthy glow”, “texture” and “drive in motion”, there are several others, but it is a basic After we moisturize all moisturizers, the time to primer everything is just green primer on red areas red on green, yellow on purple, violet on yellow and orange just so beauty to Drive, sorry, movements After leveling a pink primer, because we want natural and healthy complexion, otherwise why we’re all here After all the primer, apply concealer, better in two shades, because the skin there is not just one color, and we need the natural don’t forget to drive traffic Even concealer and concealer and if you don’t know how one differs from another, then what do you have to talk a Little bit cream blush for fresh, highlighter for a healthy glow, bronzer not to be too pale, it’s unnatural, and we want to make it Vice versa If you feel that things are starting to flow to the Breasts, drizzle on a special spray, attaching the makeup to the face For those who have already paid a highlighter, but not late for work at least to the lunch break, there is no good news — we are waiting for natural eye makeup To the eyelid moving you need to apply one shade of shadow on still another, twitching eyelid to hold hands, Remember, the shadow should be natural colors, but with a slight shimmer to the eyes a natural glow and of course no glitter (hussars to be silent!) Now you need to paint eye-lashes India ink to make it look as if you have not painted eyelashes mascara, but everyone knew that you, of course, painted eyelashes mascara, just very natural At this stage beauty blogger usually stops, because the color of the eyes, opening the mouth does Not forget about the eyebrows! Eyebrow is an important accent in makeup, some beauty bloggers like to say that eyebrow is the “accessory person”, whatever the hell it may mean the Eyebrows need to wash with shampoo, comb, kiss, makeup eyeshadow pencil, fondant and put up the gel, They should be moderately thick, broad and dark, but look completely natural At this point beauty blogger removes from the face of the mirror and we see that he taped to your forehead, a dead squirrel If suddenly backcomb nothing you can put the stamps in the shape of the eyebrows (don’t ask) or take a liquid eyebrow in the jar (don’t ask-2) And although it was quite dark outside and we have to turn on electric light, you need to complete the lip makeup Lipstick should be of a natural shade, according to beauty bloggers, this means you should look like you already died to Apply lipstick straight from the stick last century, you need to take a brush And if you have no brush, you can apply it with fingertips hammered movements (sorry) If you try and can sleep standing up, then tomorrow morning you will have the perfect casual look With time you will be able to get the hand and do it for the whole night And for those who will decide that so much naturalness that much, I have good news — from the stamps to make a great mustache eyebrows

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