All good day I would Like to…

All good day I would Like to share a problem I’m 20, live with a young man in a civil marriage almost 2 years recently I began to notice that he started to somehow relate differently allow yourself to raise your voice to me, breaks down, screaming without a cause, more irritation Allowed to say to yourself the phrase “I’m gonna punch/ I’ll hit you” (not specifically remember, but in this context, in General )
I don’t know why but I really began to fear I’m almost afraid he word too much to say, because I feel that if he doesn’t like what I said or he’ll think I said something stupid, we’ll start again your negativity on me pour Began to cry because of him, because of such hurtful words in my direction for Almost the entire two years, if I may say so, almost wore on his hands, cared, worried, sympathized with , pitied, listened And I tried to please him in bed and in the kitchen and at home, But then direct the chain broke don’t understand what have I done, that he abruptly changed his attitude to me who it was?
Can you recommend anything? Hands down, I want to pack my bags and just leave, do Not want to continue a relationship where my feet wipe😪

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