Good time of day! I have such…

I have such a poser shoulder Hurts when sitting for long or stand or anything doing hurts all the time , even when Turned to 5 doctors , including the physiotherapist did ultrasound by my doctor , not what did not find , went to the therapist on the massage course, was doing the procedure with a laser ( I do not remember as is called)
All the doctors said that it would take the surge , but I have several years of suffer from pain , even when the rest Hurts for weeks the place where a diamond-shaped trapezius muscle , pulling , sharp stabbing pain at one point only Helps a little massage when I guy shoulder massage makes , always says I have like swollen and visible veins, and the second left shoulder as usual looks and not hurt I Read on the Internet that it could be from a stooped posture, and I slouch really always please Tell me how to get rid of slouching , reinforcement or belt from the stoop ? Maybe someone had a similar problem and knows what causes such pain ? Doctors can not explain ,
I live in a small town , to other cities to other doctors to not get Really don’t know how to be Sick sometimes straight to tears

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