To put life on pause… My

to Put life on pause and My mother, returning from work, never ran from the doorway to the kitchen to grate potatoes for potato pancakes or the starch in the duvet She went on a twenty minute NAP and then started my homework in addition, endlessly fought with my stubbornness, proving that after school useful game “wins the race” and not the sines-cosines Cited the example of an episode from “Moscow to tears does not believe”, in which Katherine, back from the factory, first thing sat on the sofa to rest Directly in the working suit and boots Only for me nothing helped I thought that the rest is for the weak, and having a purpose needs to work twenty-four hours a day Friend for ten years without taking leave of the Ten years the girl not bathed neither in the Black nor in the Red nor in the Mediterranean sea, does not rise to the desire or the Teide volcano, not walking the streets of Budapest, Krakow and Lviv and not admiring the views of the Dnieper It sleeps five hours a night and hard to make a career, believing, any pause will throw her a few years ago, Here only the body brings: decreased vision, case of nerves, and the heart works intermittently for a long time I took her example, until I learned about the law of neutral position It is as simple as the Pythagorean theorem For any changes in life stopping Halt a Opportunity to take a breath, wipe the sweat, eat lasagna and tint the lips to Check the level of fuel in the energy tank to avoid the risk of stalling in the middle of the road Because it is impossible to complete the course fit into the rotation Impossible to get out of the forest without stopping and without defining the North-South Nobody can learn all six lessons without essential change Pause is required at every step: before you jump in the water or in altitude, before taking the finish of a chord during a performance of Beethoven or the high notes in the song “do Not awaken memories”, before going on stage, and the beginning of new relations to lie or tell the truth We stay during the Christmas holidays and the red light Skater – before performing a triple toe loop Chess player pondering the next move And if you pause to ignore and sweep at a speed of two hundred kilometers per hour – we are stopped by circumstances: colds or quite serious illness, accidents, fires, and earthquakes, In life everything is a rhythm: day-night, winter-summer, inhale-exhale, Even at the disco alternate fast and slow songs Even in the room the equipment is put on prevention So that human was some kind of enlightened, arguing that life must be moments when nothing happens, we just sit and look at the world, and the world at this time looking at us

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