Paint eggs in an original way to Easter: painted eggs Paint eggs

original way to Easter: Easter eggs Marble Easter Soon, so we will paint eggs, I want them to be beautiful and original And most importantly method of painting for centuries, proven, environmentally friendly and safe Paint colors that sell in the store is quite dangerous, especially for children STEP No. 1 is to Dip the egg into the bowl of water STEP 2 Coat the egg in the husk, if it sticks bad sculpt force STEP # 3 Put the egg on the gauze and pours a little of the husk STEP 4 Gauze tied tight, spread the husks carefully and shifted to the STEP # 5 Cut off the excess STEP # 6 Eggs boil, add a spoon of salt STEP # 7 to Add Zelenka (add 1-2 of the bubble depending on how many eggs you cook, don’t be afraid, the pan is washed well, but the hands are advised to wear rubber gloves) STEP 8 cook for 7 minutes STEP # 9 Boiled eggs washed under running water STEP # 10 Remove the gauze and peel STEP # 11 Again opolaskivaniem water STEP No. 12 Eggs dry and RUB with vegetable oil to Shine Finally eggs “Marble” finish! If you skip through the grinder (grinder,blender) onion peel, the paint will be more original

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