Let the rights of the psychologist with a great idea… Let’s

on the rights of the psychologist, having a lot of ideas about the child’s psyche, I will say why so not to do? Because it’s romanticizing and embellishment of the worst in our lives — war Educational message, which is produced through similar steps of adult children that war is great, it’s a holiday because then it ends with the victory And we must not War ends unlived lives on both sides by the Graves of Fraternal and private that even sometimes there is no one to go to remember Because of war do not choose how living from the same family to take charge of the inability of people to live in the world Wars did not choose — our and not-our Just charge priceless Here it is necessary to convey to children the Children should not walk in uniform For most of our ancestors, who met in the war years, this garment was a posthumous apparel Military uniform is the clothing to die: doing premature death, to meet its very Prematurely Leaving a trail of grief wherever such are foot shaped boots need to buy Kids clothes about life and not about death As a person working with the psyche, I understand very well that the feeling of gratitude can flood May come a desire to celebrate “in unison,” the Joy of unity — agreement on the value level — it is a great joy to Us humanly, it is important to live something together… Though happy to win, though it is a sad memory And we have such an important date in preparation for it, listen to it, than she rings you personally, We all come from a society where the instructions of how to live, think and feel was given from above But today we can choose for Example — the realization That no one community is not worth to pay for it via dressed in the clothes of death for children Peaceful sky for our children And us sober memory even alone, not together with those who so Let’s

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