And remember, in my childhood eating lilac….

— And remember, in my childhood ate a lilac with five petals? And remember, in my childhood was mittens on a string? — And they built huts in the rooms of chairs and blankets? — And who as a child wore a bagel on your finger, and then biting it right off your finger? — And you, too, writing off any of the books in a notebook, trying in one line to place a more than fit in the book? And remember, when the head is washed on the head with different hairstyles and figures do? — Do you remember when we in the yard playing in the store, the leaves were money? Someone believed in the child that the toys come alive in the night? — And you, too, as a child, when through you will walk, didn’t grow and asked to step back? — Do you remember, mother, buttoning his jacket on you, always caught in the chin it hurt? — Do you remember when you took a toy to bed, thinking that others are offended, and then I took all? — And you too as a child screaming people from the balcony, and then abruptly sat down, that you have not noticed? — “From a company in a mouth turns out microbe”, remember? — Remember how in the childhood we were told: “take to drink” and we said, “if I go, I will no longer be released”? — And you, too, as a child sharpener sharpening not only pencils, but pens, markers? — You, too, while reading this, smiling, learning here myself

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