Dr. Komarovsky on summer vacation: 5… rules

Dr. Komarovsky on summer vacation: 5 rules for children’s health I would and she not refused on this! The child should rest from contacts with many people from urban air, chlorinated water and household chemicals In the majority of cases rest “upon the seas” has nothing to do with the improvement of often ill child is irrelevant, as the majority of harmful factors is saved plus the added food and, as a rule, worse in comparison with household, housing conditions Perfect holiday sickly child looks like this (note each word): — summer in the village — an inflatable pool with well water, near a pile of sand — uniforms — pants, barefoot is a restriction on the use of soap is to feed only when the shout: “Mom, I’ll eat you!” The dirty naked child, who jumps out of the water in the sand, begging for food, breathing fresh air and not in contact with a lot of people for 3-4 weeks immune system recovers, corrupted city life

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