Girl, died two months ago… very close

Girl, died two months ago, a very close relative, the relationships we have formed are not very, very evil-natured man was, but despite that loved me from childhood, as the daughter, swearing with the whole family, not unbearable it was to live under the same roof, and after his death became often dream that I, more than anyone, dream of all the time in the darkness what dreams understand that it is bad a sinner of course was still the same,but not a murderer, these dreams haunt me, very worried about him, let’s forgive him for all the soul is torn, when I think that he will suffer forever, he’s very bad, pray for him, I believe in God and that after death there is something else, very scared for him, I want to help him, but as if at least someone could give an answer, it’s sad to realize that your loved one, whatever it was in life, get into a bad place after death, if it was possible to help him

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