Do you forgive cheating? And whether

… do you Forgive betrayal? And is it worth it to forgive?Start with the fact that I’m 25, my young man 31 Dated about a year, everything was fine, loved me, constant attention to me, relations were quite warm, but passionate, planned a wedding and family in General one day he was sent on a long trip (a year and a half, construction), salaries have increased, and significantly raised in the position He wanted to take me to him, but I couldn’t, because now the most important project Asked him to wait until at least the summer, He agreed, constantly called and told me that he missed me and asked to drop everything and come, but I couldn’t In General, because of the distance, he cheated on me found Out about the affair by accident, such a disappointment it was, my project was coming to an end and I was ready to move in at the end of the month And after all that he learned, hands down, told him everything, he even to explain and justify himself was not there and so everything was clear, I made a point, and said that between us nothing more can be but I miss you insanely, love him much, even the first to call him want you want to him still Mother – friends in one voice say “don’t even think, changed time will change and two” But I can’t really love him Know that if he will call or text you first, then all will be back And you think, not to forgive? Or let it go?

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