In General, such history.

In General, the kind of story my husband and I have been married for 4 years, he is 30, I’m 22 And everything seems fine, if not for one thing IN the last six months engaged in sex very rarely, at best once a week, Although this was not before I told him and offered to experiment and want to spoil him in different ways But when it comes to sex, always says that tired at first I tried to understand, can really tired or in the mood But it has been going on for a long time Tried to talk to him heart to heart, maybe someone came Deny his health is all right For themselves, caring not know what to think On the background of nedotroga ( pardon the expression) became very irritable and appeared on this occasion scandals What to do, I’ll never Change, don’t want husband love, and it is not right But reconciled with the fact that in 22 years of sex once every 1-2 weeks, also did not get Anyone faced similar problem? And how did you decide on?

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