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write to the address,still most of here married or have significant others, the Question is, how can you diversify your personal life with your husband?Recently married,the sex, everything is fine( no complex and everyone is happy),but sex turned into some quick mating for 15-20 min don’t need to laugh at this, my husband and 2 children,mostly give them out at the grandparents for the weekend to themselves to relax and pay attention to each other,and grandma is happy and we can relax together But we sleep in on Saturday until 11 o’clock,I get up and begin to unpack,wash,clean,and a husband or lay on the sofa until evening, or tablet playing,with friends or fishing till the evening,or go into the garage in the car picking on weekdays he gets up early,takes a senior in the garden and takes himself too,especially anywhere except the native does not go I understand that men have apparently the brain is so constituted,the husband is not particularly steamed, sex and and it satisfies me And I want affection, romance,kissing and kissing We really don’t kiss for some reason,before kissing passionately,and now nothing Only Cocagne on the lips Is all wrong,or only us?I tried to visit to leave at the weekend, the husband lets go, they say go to a friend’s and have fun,he doesn’t want to go( I think,well beloved, let it lie at rest, to sit at home all weekend I don’t want to,I’m lying annoying) Especially when the house srach in the morning, I DECREE and used to woke up in the morning all dressed and cleaned up(we have children in the room),washed the floors,did a load and made hot, and second, then we ass to throw on the sofa And the Husband may be the whole day lying on the couch(even when all the sheets got pillows and a blanket hanging almost on the floor haphazardly, it infuriates me terribly) But I sympathize with his situation,wants to lie, let it lie About the monotony of the image is also always changing,hair and hairstyles keep changing every six months for sure( I read that men’s libido drops when he sees the same thing),and in the Bathrobe worn with Hedwig don’t go Have violent sex only after the scandal,but I’m not conflicted man,after swearing residue still remains in Short I do not know what else to think, go to the movies,walk in the Park,on a picnic,visiting friends remained – there is always a man as bursting with sex and no home And I’m comfortable at home on the couch,and her husband apparently is not Into cafes,restaurants are too,and at home every cooking dinner a ritual,love to cook And table set,sometimes Vino buy sit savor with dinner,but then go to bed exactly as you Advise “romance” make her husband/ boyfriend and how you can diversify your personal life,to add a bit of passion and romance Every time to swear for the sake of rough sex I have no desire Thank you for really good advice)

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