4 cool moisturizing masochki for the face Moisturizer… 🌸

4 cool moisturizing masochki for the face 🌸Moisturizing facial mask from cottage cheese, olive oil and honey Curd 5% fat (1/2 packs) grind with a teaspoon of olive oil, add a teaspoon of honey and apply the resulting composition for 20 minutes to Remove the first dry cloth, then rinse skin with water 🌸Smetana and other moisturizing facial mask Two tablespoons of sour cream mixed with finely chopped green parsley Gently apply a layer of sour cream with greens on the skin of the face and eyelids, leave for 15-20 minutes Then rinse with enjoyable for you with water and blot with a towel sour Cream you can substitute fat yogurt or cream 🌸Oatmeal brewed with boiling water to a state resembling thick porridge When the temperature of the flakes to fall to a nice, put them on your face and give yourself a chance to soak in a nice relaxing 20 minutes to Remove the cloth and rinse your face with warm to your skin with water 🌸the Core of a medium banana mash with a fork add ½ teaspoon of honey and bring to a homogeneous condition Apply on face and remove after 20 minutes Hydrating facial masks should be done every two or three days during the month, combining with other procedures 🌸 Effect you will feel after 2-3 times, but to consolidate fresh and healthy appearance necessary to apply a moisturizing facial mask regularly before the onset of Sunny hot days Then should go to another type of treatments – cleansing and regulating fat metabolism Because changing the conditions of life around you, but the beauty must remain, as always, is on top:)

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